The End

First we woke early to farewell Helen. We were all a bit concerned that the taxi would not arrive as we had difficulty ordering it but were happy and amazed when a mini bus arrived just for Helen. Later today we were worried when a rather small taxi turned up to take the 4 of … Continue reading The End

Roaming with Andrew

It was exciting to meet up with Andrew in Rome. The first day we spent about 3 hours in the forum until the heat beat us. There is so much there to see there and on the Palatine Hill. Helen was disappointed that Julius Caesar’s temple was virtually gone but it is surprising that there … Continue reading Roaming with Andrew


We have now been on our tour for 2 days. There are only 9 guests and 2 young women tour leaders (1 is training but used to be a Trafalgar tour leader so thinks this is a snack after tours of 48 people). Glenn is the only man. The others are all from the UK. … Continue reading 79AD